When it’s time to think about your work and your future, you can make an appointment to a personal career coaching. Confidential discussions with our career coach help you find solutions to the direction of your career, job seeking and well-being at work.

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How does career coaching proceed?

Career coaching is always a tailor-made process, based on client’s needs and personal situation.

Usually, the coaching involves 1–3 discussions which are supported by different reflection tasks or career planning tools. Discussions can be held face-to-face, by telephone or Teams. The duration of career coaching is typically a few weeks.

Make an appointment to personal career coaching.

What to talk about with a career coach?

The discussion topics in career coaching vary a lot. Sometimes the client is searching for a new career direction altogether and all options are open. Sometimes the parties analyse the strengths and weaknesses of a potential new job.

Other typical themes include working abroad and well-being at work. Social media as an expert’s professional tool and expert’s personal brand are common themes as well.  Our career coaches also advise you in job seeking and in salary questions.

Three steps of career coaching

  • Career coaching starts by establishing your personal situation, needs and targets. This brief initial discussion is often conducted by phone.
  • Next step is about analysing your existing experience, skills and competence and the possible steps you have already taken towards your goals. This typically takes from one to several hours.  
  • Third step focuses on looking for ways to achieve your targets.

These three steps may be discussed during one session or they may be divided into several ones. You can also use other available tools to support the discussions and your own reflection, and to clarify your potential future direction.