Suomen Ekonomit has an anonymous channel required by the EU Whistleblower Directive to report suspected misconduct.

What can you report?

The reporting channel offers a confidential way to bring possible suspected crime, misconduct or non-compliance to the attention of internal investigation.

This channel is not meant for processing matters related to operative activities or managing issues on membership. In these cases, we ask you to directly contact the people responsible for such matters in Suomen Ekonomit or our customer service.

The person filing the report has to be convinced that the facts in their report are correct and to act honestly and sincerely. 

How is the report processed?

The whistleblowing channel has been designed so that the person filing the report cannot be identified if they wish to file a report anonymously. All reports are processed in confidence and protect the privacy of the person filing the report and the target of the report.

The report is received by the processing team of Suomen Ekonomit. The person filing the report will be notified within no more than seven days that the report has been received. The person filing the report will also get a reply to their report within three months at the latest. 

How can I file a report?

You will receive a personal report code, which allows you to follow up on the progress of the matter. Remember to save the code.

Further information on filing a report can be found on our service provider’s website.

If our internal channel is not working, you can file a report through the centralised external reporting channel of the Chancellor of Justice. Please note that a report should primarily be filed through our own internal reporting channel to ensure whistleblower protection. 

Privacy Statement for Suomen Ekonomit reporting channel (in Finnish)