Our legal counsels advise you every working day at 9–12, without appointment, tel. 020 693 200. Please contact us primarily via phone, especially in urgent matters.

In non-urgent matters, you may book an appointment in the booking calendar.

Our legal counsels personally advise you in working life legal matters. Please remember that you will quickly find an immediate answer to common questions in eLakipalvelu (eLegalService, in Finnish). eLakipalvelu is available 24/7 in the member application.

Counselling on employment relationships

We advise you on legal issues related to employment relationships of employees and civil servants, such as:

  • Drafting of employment contract and Managing Director’s agreement
  • Cooperation negotiations, terminations of employment and workplace conflicts
  • Questions related to family leaves, annual leave and working time
  • Other employment and labour law issues
  • Basics of unemployment protection

What does employment relationship counselling include?

  • Telephone service in labour law matters
    Please have all the information and documents ready before the phone call. Written material cannot be assessed during the telephone service but the legal counsel may ask you to send necessary material separately for further assessment and review.
  • Commenting employment relationship related contracts
    Our legal counsels comment members’ employment relationship related contracts, such as employment contracts and Directors’ agreements, and agreements on the termination of employment. Please contact our telephone service for further instructions. Contracts are sent to the legal counsel for review and the legal counsel comments the contract separately on the phone, on an agreed date and time. For reviewing contracts, a minimum of two full working days has to be reserved.
  • Resolving employment relationship related disputes with the employer
    When needed, our legal counsels examine employment relationship related disputes with the employer, usually as the first step before legal proceedings. Our legal counsels don’t contact the member’s employer without permission from the member.

How can I contact employment relationship counselling?

Please contact us primarily via phone on working days at 9–12 without appointment. You will usually reach our legal counsel directly, to discuss your employment relationship matter, or you will receive instructions for sending your contract for review and comments.

In non-urgent matters, you can also make an appointment in the booking calendar and our legal counsel will call you at the booked time.

Please contact us only through one service channel.

If I contact the service, is it confidential?

Our legal counsels treat all contacts and matters confidentially.

How much do legal services cost?

Our legal services, provided by our legal counsels, are free of charge as they are included in your membership fee.

How quickly will I receive an answer?

The response time depends on the type of the question and the selected contacting channel.
Some questions may be answered directly during the first telephone call. In matters requiring further review or examination, we can usually respond within a few working days. For reviewing employment relationship related contracts, a minimum of two full working days has to be reserved. The response time may be longer during busy periods.

Sometimes callers have to queue to our telephone service. In these cases, your call will be directed to the switchboard and you can make a callback request at our employment relationship counselling service. One of our legal counsels will call you back as soon as possible. You can also stay on the line and wait for a legal counsel to answer your call.

Non-urgent matters for which an appointment has been made in the booking calendar are usually dealt with at the agreed time

Advice for team leaders, supervisors and employers

  • Employment and labour law advice from the point of view of employers

Please contact us primarily via phone on working days at 9–12 without appointment. 

Legal advice for new entrepreneurs

We provide general information and links to information in the following matters concerning entrepreneurship:

  • Starting out as an entrepreneur
  • Experts’ service agreements (when the agreement is being entered into)
  • Shareholders’ agreements between a company’s shareholders (when the agreement is being entered into)

Please note that we only provide general information in these contractual matters and legal advice regarding specific contract terms. We do not draft agreements or do comprehensive reviews of proposed agreements. We also do not handle disputes regarding interpretation or termination of contracts. Further, our services do not include tax advice or advice on social security matters.

Please contact the entrepreneurs’ legal service at yrittajat@ekonomit.fi.

You may also be interested in our member benefits for entrepreneurs such as services produced in collaboration with our partners. We also have guidebooks, e.g., on starting out as an entrepreneur as well as assignment agreements and shareholders’ agreements (in the member service, in Finnish).

Don’t forget the other legal tools and services

eLakipalvelu – answers to your working life questions in our Legal Databank

You can find quick answers to the most common labour law questions in our eLakipalvelu (eLegal Service, in Finnish) for example:

  • Can a temporary employment contract be terminated?
  • What is the duration of my probationary period?
  • What is the maximum duration of a non-compete clause (NCC), in an employment contract?

In the service, you pick up a theme, answer a few specifying questions after which you receive an answer or a recommendation to act, based on your answers to the questions. They are compiled on the basis of FAQ and are therefore indicative. You can access our eLegal Service 24/7 by signing in to our Member Service.

Guides and contract templates for different working life situations


Improve your salary: Support for discussing salarie (YTN 2020)
Employment relationship guide (YTN 2019)

To order printed versions, please contact us: info@ekonomit.fi or +358201299296.

Contract templates

Please note that the contract templates have been drafted on the date stated in the document. Legislation may have changed since then. Please contact the Finnish Business School Graduates legal counsels to review your contract.

Director Employment Agreement – Template (YTN 2021)
Managing Director Agreement Template (YTN 2021)
Model of Employment Contract (Finnish Business School Graduates 2017)
Model of Employment Contract (YTN 2016)
Foreign Postings Contract (YTN 2008)

You’ll find more guides and contract templates on our website in Finnish

Professional liability and legal protection insurance to protect you

Our lawyers assist you in disputes. If negotiations do not lead to any resolution and you want to take your case to the court, assisted by a non-union counsel, you may use, under certain insurance conditions, our professional liability and legal protection insurance to cover your legal expenses.

Fondia VirtualLawyer service’s free document templates

VirtualLawyer is an online legal database, created by Fondia lawyers, which offers companies free-of-charge legal information to support their daily business. The database has more than 1700 articles in Finnish and in English, covering key legal matters for entrepreneurs, in a comprehensive, clear and reliable format. The database covers the ten most important legal areas from the business point of view, from labour law to company law, and works as a comprehensive source of information for the entire personnel of any company.

As a member of The Finnish Business School Graduates, you have free access to the document templates of the VirtualLawyer database (value 240 EUR /year).

The document templates cover more than 150 documents with drafting instructions, for example:

  • templates for establishing a company
  • employment contracts
  • templates related to cooperation negotiations

You can use the service by signing in at www.virtuaalilakimies.fi and by using a campaign code given to you in the Member Service of The Finnish Business School Graduates.