We offer services to our members with various aspects of entrepreneurship from planning entrepreneurship to an entrepreneur’s everyday life. We offer career discussions, legal services, training and services for entrepreneurship produced through partnerships. We also offer various guides and recordings. 

Entrepreneurship collaboration

AKY – Akavalaiset yrittäjät

Together with five other AKAVA unions, we have founded a collaborative association called AKY – Akavalaiset yrittäjät, which joined the Federation of Finnish Enterprises in early 2016. Akateemiset yrittäjät AKY is an entrepreneur organization for the university-educated that the entrepreneur members of each union are part of. AKY acts as a collaborative organ for its member associations, complements services for entrepreneurs and seeks to facilitate the prerequisites of operation for university-educated entrepreneurs.

An service package from the Federation of Finnish Enterprises

Through the Akateemiset yrittäjät collaboration, an entrepreneur member of the Finnish Association of Business School Graduates may obtain the Federation of Finnish Enterprises’ broad service package (95 EUR / year) without having to become a member of the Federation. The service package gives access to the Federation of Finnish Enterprises’ member benefits, but doesn’t include membership in the Federation or its local chapters.

Read more and get the Federation of Finnish Enterprises’ service package through the Federation web site

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Things to remember when you become an entrepreneur

  • Business plan
  • Founding a company and choosing company form
  • Funding
  • Partnership agreement
  • Taxation
  • Protecting your business concept
  • Entrepreneur’s insurances
  • Entrepreneur’s social security
  • Employer obligations
  • Official permissions