We offer services for newly-graduated economists in things like writing a CV and salary negotiations, and our lawyers will check your employment contract. As an economist member, you get various benefits, including a free subscription of the Talouselämä newspaper. You also get a 60% discount for our membership fees.

A young economist’s many opportunities

Graduation is a great moment in your budding career as an economist. Graduation often involves changes, such as moving to another area, a new job and support networks. We are with you from the very first steps of your career.

Member benefits

After graduating, you become part of the community of economists, gaining full membership benefits, such as a subscription of the Talouselämä newspaper free of charge. And just like in your student days, you get the Ekonomi magazine and discounts for IF insurances.

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Career coaching

If you can’t seem to make any headway towards your dream job or career, you can contact our career coaches. They will assist you with things like writing a CV and job application, preparing for job interviews and identifying your own skills. As our member, you may reserve an appointment with a career coach free of charge and start building your career in a meaningful way.

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Legal services

Before signing your employment contract, have our lawyers check it. They will also assist you with various questions related to employment.

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Banking services for fresh graduates

As a newly-graduated member, you get significant benefits from Danske Bank without monthly or yearly fees. These benefits can be worth more than 700 Euros per year.

Activities of the local economist association

As a member of the Finnish Association of Business School Graduates, you are also a member of the local economist association. Economist associations organize many different kinds of activities, from relaxed leisure activities to events for professional development. The activities of local economist associations are an opportunity to get to know economists in your area and create a strong network.

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A -60% discount for fresh graduates

By joining us as an economist member within six months of your graduation, you get a 60 percent discount for your membership fee for 24 months from the moment of joining. If you join 6-12 months after graduation, you get a 60 percent discount for 12 months.

To get a fresh graduate’s discount, you don’t need to provide a certificate of your time of graduation. We will check the details of your graduation from your university, if necessary.