If offers the following benefits to our members:

  • If Benefits Programme in which your benefits increase over time
  • Discount on insurance premiums
  • If Excess Money for accident-free years
  • Personal service adviser

Professional liability and legal protection insurance

We have taken If’s professional liability and legal protection insurance to our members. Disputes are primarily solved by negotiating and our lawyers help you in these negotiations. If you end up in a dispute with your employer, please contact our lawyers.

If the negotiations do not lead to any resolution and you need to take your case to the court, you may use, under certain insurance conditions, the professional liability and legal protection insurance of Suomen Ekonomit. Employed graduate members and student associations’ members with the KylteriPlus extra service package are covered by the insurance, in matters related to their own employment or public service employment relationship. The insurance does not cover members of business school student associations unless they have opted for the KylteriPlus package.

Primus life and accident insurance

We have negotiated a comprehensive life and accident insurance Primus to our members, for the lowest price on the market. You can insure your entire family with up to 60% union discount. Insurance protection is provided by mutual insurance company Kaleva.

If’s benefits to our entrepreneur members

  • Legal protection insurance for 40 euros for the first year for new entrepreneurs (does not apply to real estate brokers)
  • As a new customer you will receive a free one-hour consultation on contract law with a front-line business law firm
  • I If Förmånsprogrammet växer förmånerna i takt med kundrelationen.
  • Rabatt på försäkringspremier.
  • If Självriskkonto för skadefria år.
  • En egen servicerådgivare.