Member benefits and services

Have you considered any of these questions:

How do I secure a good job in my filed in Finland ?

How much pay I can ask for?

How do I build a professional network in Finland and internationally?

How do I start an international career?

How do I ensure that I stay healthy and motivated during my studies and work?

We have the solutions. As a student member, you will gain access to services that will help you make a smooth transition from studies to work that you enjoy.

What’s best about being a Kylteri:

What does student membership entail?


Towards a more competitive society and better working life

The more of us there are, the more impact we can have: as a member, you will contribute to the voice of international business experts being heard in society

We study and promote the quality and appreciation of business education

We influence work practices that are important to international students

We influence legislation and strive to eliminate work practices that hinder the success of our members, such as unnecessary non-competition agreements and excessive workloads

We promote equality, non-discrimination and diversity in working life


Springboard for your career

Online job search coaching for students

Legal advice for making an employment contract, for example

Networking opportunities in Finland and abroad

Services for current and aspiring entrepreneurs

Opportunity to join the KOKO unemployment fund during your studies

Job listings in our LinkedIn group


Better wage development

New wage recommendations for summer jobs based on the latest data

Salary Radar for screening pay levels based on experience, municipality and field, among other factors

Collective agreements which we negotiate for our members and which yield a significant portion of our members’ pay raises

1,000 € membership benefits

Member discounts, events and training

Kauppalehti digi free of charge

Benefits on banking services (e.g. housing loan) and insurances

Plenty of other discounts related to travel, leisure and wellness, for example

The legendary Kylteripäivät (KYPÄ) student event

Local events organised by your local student contact person (‘kylli’)

An extensive webinar archive (mostly in Finnish)

KylteriPlus – a springboard for your early career

4+1 good reasons to purchase KylteriPlus

1. Find your way to working life with success

Are you concerned about finding work in your own field? With KylteriPlus, you have access to sparring for your CV and cover letter. The career coach can help you identify your areas of expertise and polish your CV and job application.

Educate yourself and follow quality media in Finnish

With KylteriPlus, you will receive a package which includes Kauppalehti for one year starting from the date of purchase as well as the magazines Optio and Fakta which both have 10 issues per year. Alternatively, you may choose Talouselämä.

3. Cover your back with legal aid

If you work alongside your studies, you can cover your back in working life with our legal aid and liability insurance. With KylteriPlus, you have the right to use the legal aid provided by Suomen Ekonomit.

4. Learn new things and gain experiences

KylteriPlus provides wide-ranging access to events and training courses.

5. You only pay €25 a year

Gain more than a €1,000 worth of services and benefits.

BenefitMembership benefitsKylteriPlus
Active lobbying in training and working life matters
Legal guidance in, for example, making an employment contract
Accumulation of legal aid membership condition
Receiving legal aid in a possible litigation situation
Onlinen coaching for job and summer job seeking
Personal salary counselling
Personal sparring for job seeking
Event organized by your local kylli and NEUK
Admission to all our events
Kauppalehti digi OR Talouselämä digi
Kauppalehti Digi, Optio and Fakta OR Talouselämä digi ja print
Accumulation of legal aid membership condition