Up to 80% discount on magazine subscriptions

Do you browse through the financial news as soon as you wake up? Are you interested in articles on leadership or investing? Do pieces on information technology or IT-related phenomena fascinate you? Would you like to be up to date and follow a balanced selection of quality media?

3 important points on membership benefit magazines for 2023 – read these!

  • As a member, you get to choose a professional media subscription at 60–80% off market price, whether you choose digital or print media.
  • You can choose several subscriptions, or all of them if you have a thirst for knowledge.
  • Calling all Kauppalehti fans – the selection now also includes Kauppalehti.
MagazinePriceNormal priceYou save %You save €
Talouselämä print + digital70 €519 €87 %449 €
Talouselämä digital40 €195 €80 %155 €
Kauppalehti print + digital260 €769 €66 %509 €
Kauppalehti digital150 €379 €60 %229 €
Mikrobitti print + digital40 €199 €80 %159 €
Mikrobitti digital20 €99 €80 %79 €
Arvopaperi print + digital40 €229 €83 %189 €
Arvopaperi digital25 €130 €81 %105 €
Tivi printti + digital40 €229 €83 %189 €
Tivi digital30 €154 €81 %124 €
Tekniikka&Talous print + digital50 €339 €85 %289 €
Tekniikka&Talous digital35 €188 €81 %153 €
Fakta print40 €189 €79 %149 €


The magazine and newspaper options for 2023 are available in the eLounge in December. Log in and select a magazine or magazines.

Make sure to make any changes for 2023 during December!

The magazine is paid for in connection with the membership fee, so it is tax deductible. We handle the administration for you, which means that we annually report all membership fees to the tax authorities.

Please note:

  • If you are happy with your current magazine subscription, you don’t need to do anything.
  • if you don’t have a magazine subscription and do not want one, you don’t need to do anything.

Learn more about the membership benefit magazines

Talouselämä – figures of life


Talouselämä brings economic life to your daily routine and helps make wise economic decisions. The Talouselämä viikko magazine digital issue gives you access to a limited set of stories, the Oma Talouselämä section provides you with the content recommended by us and the latest news and the Talouselämä Nyt section offers you a single view of the most relevant financial news at the moment.

Choose Talouselämä:

  • weekly subscription to the printed Talouselämä magazine (normal price EUR 489), 46 issues per year,
  • digital subscription (normal price EUR 195) – Talouselämä Digi content includes e-paper versions, the latest news and featured stories available only to subscribers
  • or both printed and digital subscription (normal price EUR 519)

Kauppalehti – the key to success!


Kauppalehti provides you with all the financial news you need in order to be successful. Kauppalehti values entrepreneurship, work and the reader’s efforts in society. Kauppalehti looks at economy from a variety of angles with the largest set of professional financial journalists in Finland. With Kauppalehti, you get investment information, analyses, ideas and relevant information about changes in working life.

Choose Kauppalehti:

  • printed Kauppalehti subscription on business days (normal price EUR 639), 249 issues per year,
  • digital subscription (normal price EUR 379) – Kauppalehti Digi content includes featured stories only available to subscribers, stock exchange data, Inderes analyses and e-paper versions
  • or both printed and digital subscription (normal price EUR 769)

MikroBitti – the best computer magazine in the universe


MikroBitti offers technological advances, marvellous innovations and nostalgia. Get access to the latest featured stories, the best tests and guides and the e-paper archives dating back to 1984.

Choose MikroBitti:

  • printed magazine (normal price EUR 184), 12 issues per year,
  • digital subscription (normal price EUR 99) – MikroBitti Digi content includes the latest tests, guides, MikroBitti e-paper versions along with RetroBitti and featured stories only available to subscribers
  • or both printed and digital subscription (normal price EUR 199)

Arvopaperi – welcome to the inner circle


Arvopaperi provides you with both in-depth articles that remain relevant and the latest market news as soon as they are announced. Arvopaperi delves into stock markets around the world, analyses interesting listed companies and interviews the people behind their business.

Choose Arvopaperi:

  • printed magazine (normal price EUR 209), 12 issues per year and the Sijoitusopas investment guide every autumn
  • digital subscription (normal price EUR 130) – Arvopaperi Digi includes, for example, the Sisäpiirin kaupat insider trading section that offers you the chance to see who are selling and buying on the Helsinki stock exchange and featured stories only available to subscribers
  • or both printed and digital subscription (normal price EUR 229)

Tivi – connecting information and technology


Tivi offers comprehensive coverage of relevant IT phenomena and how they can be applied in business. Tivi keeps IT professionals up to date on the latest innovations, important people and rising technology trends. Tivi also explains how to lead in a changing operating environment and how to develop your own expertise.

Choose Tivi:

  • printed magazine (normal price EUR 209), 11 issues per year,
  • digital subscription (normal price EUR 154) – Tivi Digi gives access to all content produced by the magazine, e-paper versions, the IT industry acquisitions and mergers database and featured stories only available to subscribers
  • or both printed and digital subscription (normal price EUR 229)

Tekniikka & Talous – Finland’s leading innovation media


Tekniikka & Talous offers a variety of stories, views and useful information about technology and its impacts on business. The content presents innovations from different industries and their impact on companies and their business activities. Tekniikka & Talous also explores the changes in and the future of the industry’s working life.

Choose Tekniikka & Talous:

  • printed magazine (normal price EUR 315), 41 issues per year,
  • digital subscription (normal price EUR 188) – digital subscribers get access content published only online, e-paper versions and featured stories only available to subscribers
  • or both printed and digital subscription (normal price EUR 339)

Kauppalehti Fakta – lead yourself and others

Kauppalehti Fakta

Kauppalehti Fakta (printed) is a magazine specialised in leadership that is designed for everyone in a supervisory position or anyone looking to become a supervisor. Fakta supports managers and directors in their work by sharing and improving information and experiences of working life – 11 issues per year (normal price EUR 189).

Do you want a magazine or give it up?

You can now decide whether or not you wish your membership to include a magazine subscription as a membership benefit (e.g. Talouselämä).  

  • If you want to keep the magazine subscription: You do not need to take any action.
  • If you want to change the magazine subscription: Act before the turn of the year for the change to be considered in your next year’s membership fee. Add or remove the magazine subscription in member app. 

Address and Magazine changes (member service)

All address changes related to membership magazine subscriptions (with the exception of Kauppalehti) and magazine changes must be made through our member service.

Digital IDs lost?

If your digital IDs are lost or you have other problems using digital magazines. Take contact:

Alma Talent customer service
open weekdays from 8.30am to 4.30pm
Tel. 010 6658110

Price of a call from Finland 8.35 cents / call + 16.69 cents / min (VAT 24%)

Expatriates please note!

From the start of 2021, international subscriptions to Talouselämä and other membership benefit magazines provided by Alma Media will be converted to digital subscriptions. Magazines will no longer be shipped abroad.