Our salary and fee recommendations are based on a 2020 survey, general earnings development and forecasts for 2021. Recommendations can support you in your salary negotiations. Recommended salaries are not absolute lower limits.

Business school graduates’ starting salary recommendations

In 2021, the starting salary recommendation for private sector was 3450 to 3700 euros a month, in permanent and non-managerial positions corresponding education, without long-term relevant work experience acquired during studies. Recommendation applies to total earnings without bonuses.

Recommendations for summer job pay

Summer job pay recommendations apply to business school students who can use their skills acquired during business school studies in their summer job. Please note that in some industries employees’ pay is determined under the terms of collective agreement, its remuneration tables or established training period pay.

Recommendations for 2021

Recommendations for thesis pay and remuneration

  • When a student is commissioned to do a Bachelor’s thesis to an organisation the latter should pay an appropriate remuneration for it.
  • When a student completes a Master’s thesis as an employee, the recommendation for a monthly salary is 2500 euros during the thesis work.
  • When remuneration for a commissioned Master’s thesis is not paid as a monthly salary, the recommendation for such remuneration is 6000 euros.

In addition, if the thesis involves a large or fairly large study project, which in itself benefits the contractor, the additional work conducted for the study part should be taken into account in the lump sum remuneration.

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