The number of international talents is rising and will keep on increasing. To keep representing and serving all “Ekonomit”, it is paramount that our union and community adapts to the change and supports it. To do so, Anne Delgoulet, International Liaison Coordinator, was recruited this spring – you can read more about her here.

Concretely, what’s happening?

  • This year, we are starting to reform our services and benefits to cater better to a non-Finnish/non-Swedish speaking audience. We are promising our members more consistency in our English communication and a more multilingual community with events anyone can comfortably attend and network at.
  • Educating international talents to the Finnish union culture and why it matters is another focus for this year. There is a huge gap in terms of unionization practices between Finns and non-Finns: non-Finns “Ekonomit” unionization rate is less than half the one of Finns (source: Statistics Finland).

    At the same time, around 90 % of workers – regardless of sector or hierarchical position, (source: International Labor Organization ILO) – in Finland are protected by a collective bargaining agreement, granting them yearly raises and better work conditions, amongst other things. As you know, these agreements are negotiated by the unions, whose main power in these negotiations comes from the amount of people they represent. Hence it is crucial for all to close the gap in unionization practices between Finns and internationals and safeguard the balance of power.
  • Piloting new multilingual programs or services. More about that as they start. We can already tease a mentorship program, available in all service languages (Eng, Fi, Swe).
  • Keep on learning more about international talents, how to communicate with them, their needs and struggles. You can help with that by answering the following survey. This survey is led by international students from ABC Consulting, Hanken’s junior consulting company.

To conclude: data drive our decisions

Currently, our members whose service language is English are considered international members.

Help us ensure that we have good data by changing your language service to English in eLounge if you have an international background. If you are happy receiving the newsletters in Finnish or Swedish though, keep it as is.


Delgoulet Anne
International Liaison Coordinator
p. +358408095709