This two-day precise training camp gives you super skills which you can use already in the beginning of your career. Your working life skills leap to a new level and you’ll be better equipped for your everyday professional challenges.  

Working Life Skills -bootcamp emerged from the needs and wishes of the business students and young professionals. Many may have desired concrete working life skills at the end of their studies. Finding your own direction and meaningful work is important and bringing extra security to overcome challenging situations in working life would be surely a welcomed addition for each of us. Many of us are willing to learn and understand leadership and management work more in depth. Growing your knowledge, you will be stronger to make the headway and insist the right salary for you.

During the course, you will have practical exercises,

  • how to distinguish yourself and succeed in job search,
  • how to negotiate employment contract and
  • how to have successful salary bargaining.

You will also find ways of working in real world by experimenting the role of a team leader through case tasks in the most typical situations of the working life. You will learn what are the hot topics of working life today and which of these topics you should know. Your opinions will not depend completely on media anymore and the information is with you and works as your strength e.g. at conversations with employer.  

The course is very interactive and engaging so we’re looking forward to eye-opening and inspiring discussions and questions throughout the days. Completing the course requires handing in a pre-assignment and active participation during the two-day course. If you’d also like to receive a virtual Open Badge as a proof of your new skills, you have to have your final assignment done and approved.

Open badge

Open Badge

Open Badge is a digital token for recognizing and acknowledging expertise, learning and skills. Open Badge can be linked to your CV or shared to different social media networks and platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter for job seeking, training or lifelong learning purposes.  

Next course (in English)

  • Thu 7.– Fri 8.11.2024 / Online
  • Thu 20.– Fri 21.3.2025 / Online

Registration opens in our Event Calendar closer to the date.

Learning outcomes:

The objective of the course is to improve business school students’ working life skills. The students learn to understand different workplace negotiations and interactions as well as their own possibilities to influence these as experts or team leaders. After completing the course, the students are familiar with the key elements of labour law and able to act in professional negotiations and interactions. The students can follow discussions on working life matters. After completing the course, the students can reflect on different career options and their individual career directions. During the course the students will learn, with the help of hands-on case assignments, how to succeed in job search and in employment contract and salary negotiations. The students will acquire practical skills for real working life situations by exercising team leader roles in case assignments, in typical, challenging workplace situations.

The key course contents are:

  • How to distinguish oneself on the labour market
  • Key points of employment contracts and labour law
  • How to negotiate my salary
  • How to succeed in working life situations involving changing circumstances or conflict
  • Working life flexibilities and opportunities
  • How to act as a team leader in different working life situations
  • Teaching methods:
  • Lectures and group discussions via Teams, individual assignments on the Howspace platform.

Successful pass:

  • Online assignments returned in the Howspace workspace, participation in Teams sessions.
  • NB: Teams sessions cannot be substituted. Passing the course requires 100% participation in Teams sessions and group discussions, and approved submission of the online assignments.
  • Students who pass the course will be awarded The Finnish Business School Graduates’ Open Badge digital credential, for adding to LinkedIn profiles, for example.

Trainers / The Finnish Business School Graduates:

  • Ted Apter/Advisor, Labour market and social policy
  • Tiina-Myöhänen-Astikainen/Career Coach
  • Annika Pohjolainen/Legal Counsel

More information:

Elers Mikaela
Event Producer
p. +358400162062

Feedback from previous working life courses has been great

”I can’t remember if I ever learned this much at school.”

”Thank you: for an interesting course! I was impressed by the expertise and really learned something!”

”Top quality training! I got so much more than I expected.”