Could you add more exercise and good feeling to your days? How would you like to treat your parasympathetic nervous system with yoga, exercise in the peace of your own home, or have a workout plan prepared by a professional trainer?

WellNet is an online wellness service packed with diverse workout routines and health and wellness-related content, for everyone from beginners to fitness pros. Currently, WellNet has approx. 2,000 videos available, with new content being added regularly!

What does it cost?

As a member of Ekonomit, you can use WellNet free of charge from 1 March 2023 to 31 March 2023.

After the free trial period, you can choose to continue using the service at the discount price of three, six or twelve months. The service will end automatically after the time you have selected.

To continue your WellNet membership, you can choose from the following pricing options:

  • 1 month free trial for WellNet+ 0€
  • WellNet+ 3 months 34 € (normally 42 €, -24 %)
  • WellNet+ 6 months 59 € (normally 84 €, -30 %)
  • WellNet+ 12 months 84 € (normally 168 €, -50 %)

The service includes

  • Ready-made workout plans
  • Concept lessons from Les Mills, the most recognised and highly rated group fitness brand in the world
  • Introductions to different types of exercise, sorted by theme

Ready-made workout plans

Ready-to-go home workout plans. Choose from high intensity training, easy strength training, improving recovery, or core conditioning.

Streaming workouts

You can stream workouts directly to your home living room, every day and from morning to night. Workouts are scheduled to begin at a specific time. You can work out according to the schedule or watch the recording later.

In addition to these, WellNet also offers a Basic strength training package for beginners and an Advanced strength training package for more experienced lifters. A separate plan for bodyweight strength training is also available.

Theme weeks

WellNet theme weeks are meant to introduce users to different types of exercise, activate them to work out, and challenge them to try out new things.

Do you need help with using WellNet?

If you have any questions about using WellNet, please contact us at