As a member of the Finnish Business School Graduates, you now have more options than ever before to customise your membership to your liking. You can choose from a wide variety of membership benefit magazines. Both print and digital alternatives are available. A magazine subscription as a membership benefit costs €40/year, which is payable in conjunction with the membership fee. The price is significantly lower than the market prices of the magazines in question. The benefit is available to business school graduate members only.

You can edit the magazine subscription and, if you so choose, cancel the subscription through our electronic member service.

Your options for the magazine subscription:

  • Talouselämä 
  • Affärsmagasinet Forum
  • Mikrobitti 
  • Arvopaperi 
  • Tivi 
  • Tekniikka & Talous
  • Kauppalehti Fakta 

Learn more about the membership benefit magazines

Talouselämä – because the economy is at the centre of everything


Talouselämä is about people, businesses and phenomena relating to the Finnish economy and working life – at times even wealth and power. It dives beneath the surface to get to the truth. Annually, the magazine also lists a variety of achievements, including the largest companies in Finland, most prominent women in positions of power, start-ups and growth companies.

Subscription options for Talouselämä:

  • subscription to the weekly Talouselämä print magazine (normal price €415), 46 issues a year,
  • digital subscription (normal price €195) – Talouselämä Digi’s content includes digital editions of the magazines, latest news, a corporate acquisition database and special articles for subscribers only
  • combination of the print and digital subscription (normal price €439)

Affärsmagasinet Forum – trends, news and innovations

Forum is the only Swedish-language business magazine for business and industry in Finland. The magazine provides its readers with information on economics, technology, innovation, companies, leadership, decision makers and the relationships between them. Future-oriented reports, thought-provoking interviews and expert columns will take Swedish-language financial monitoring to a new level.

Subscription options for Affärsmagasinet Forum:

  • The print magazine is published (normally € 96) 10 times a year.
  • If you want to subscribe to Affärsmagasinet Forum alongside another member magazine, please contact the Member Service at The subscription price of the magazine is 40 e / year.

Mikrobitti – the premiere computer magazine in the universe


Mikrobitti is all about information technology, hardware and software, and their rigorous testing. A reader once said the following about Mikrobitti: “You can write about lawnmowers and electric shavers only as long as you tell us how to program them to play Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Subscription options for Mikrobitti:

  • print subscription (normal price €155), 12 issues a year,
  • digital subscription (normal price €89) – Mikrobitti Digi’s content includes the latest tests, guides, digital editions of Mikrobitti, retro-themed features and special articles for subscribers only

Arvopaperi – congratulations on becoming an insider


Arvopaperi helps investors of all skills levels to accumulate wealth: it presents the best investments and the goings-on of the investment world. Always topical and bold.

Subscription options for Arvopaperi:

  • print subscription (normal price €170), 12 issues a year, investment guide released every autumn
  • digital subscription (normal price €115) – Arvopaperi Digi’s content includes a section on trade activities on Nasdaq Helsinki and special articles for subscribers only

Tivi – building bridges between information and technology


Tivi provides all the essential information about trends in the IT field and how companies can leverage them to boost business. Tivi keeps IT professionals up to date about new developments, people and phenomena in the field. It also presents ways to lead and develop your own expertise in a changing operating environment.

Subscription options for Tivi:

  • print subscription (normal price €167), 12 issues a year,
  • digital subscription (normal price €129) – Tivi Digi features all content produced by the editorial staff, digital editions of the magazine, corporate acquisition database for the IT field, and special articles for subscribers only

Tekniikka&Talous – Finland’s leading medium for innovation

Tekniikka ja Talous

Tekniikka&Talous provides perspectives into and useful information about technology and its impacts on business. The magazine presents innovations in various fields and their effects on the business activities of companies. Tekniikka&Talous also explores changes in IT-related work and the future of working life.

Subscription options for Tekniikka&Talous:

  • print subscription (normal price €249), 41 issues a year,
  • digital subscription (normal price €165) – digital subscribers gain access to all online content, digital editions of the magazine and special articles for subscribers only

Kauppalehti Fakta – lead yourself and others


The Kauppalehti Fakta print magazine specialises in management and is aimed at all current and aspiring executives. It supports managers in their work by providing in-depth information and experiences relating to working life – 11 issues a year (normal price €169).


You can now decide whether or not you wish your membership to include a magazine subscription as a membership benefit (e.g. Talouselämä).  

  • If you want to keep the magazine subscription: You do not need to take any action.
  • If you want to end the magazine subscription: Act before 31 December 2020 for the change to be considered in your next year’s membership fee. Remove the magazine subscription in the Jäsenedut (Membership benefits) section of our electronic member service. You can log in to the member service using your e-mail address, telephone number or member number.  

Address changes for membership benefit magazines

All address changes related to membership magazine subscriptions (with the exception of Kauppalehti) must be made through our member service or by e-mail,

Expatriates please note!

From the start of 2021, international subscriptions to Talouselämä and other membership benefit magazines provided by Alma Media will be converted to digital subscriptions. Magazines will no longer be shipped abroad.