As a member of Suomen Ekonomit, developing your skills is easy. Skill development propels you forward in many ways, both in your professional and personal life. You can enhance your skills throughout your entire life, as the knowledge and skills acquired during your studies are no longer sufficient for a whole career. It is worthwhile to regularly update, deepen, and expand your knowledge and skills.

This is how Suomen Ekonomit supports your skill development:

Personal Learning

  • Receive personal career coaching in different career situations.
  • Learn to identify and articulate your skills in online coaching sessions.
  • Subscribe to professional magazines at member discount prices to stay updated on your field and current work life themes.

Learning together and from others

  • Meet colleagues in group coaching sessions and exchange ideas with them.
  • As a student, earn study credits by participating in the Finnish Working Life Skills-course course.
  • Gain access to data collected through member surveys. For example, our annual salary survey provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on salaries, and our skill needs survey indicates which skills economists should acquire next. You can find the salary statistics and Salary Radar in the member app eLounge.
  • Easily network with other members, learn from them, and share your own experiences.


  • Our extensive training offerings provide opportunities for acquiring deep expertise.
  • Find a wide range of webinars in our webinar library.

Questions about our trainings and events?

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