You have motivation and fresh insights which are needed in working life. We know that you will succeed. Now, your situation is goodbut you’ll never know. That’s why you should be a member of The Finnish Business School Graduates.

Jäsenyys sivun kuvituskuva

You can easily take the first major steps in your career when your skills are up-to-date and you’re willing to work hard.

You have all the qualities to do well in the future but anything can happen in the surrounding world, that may have an impact in your work as well. That’s why you should be a member of The Finnish Business School Graduates.

Jäsenyys-sivun kuvituskuva

As a member of The Finnish Business School Graduates you have better changes to succeed:

  • You can use our career coaching
  • You can participate in trainings
  • In tricky situations, you can ask our legal experts for help

The membership fee of The Finnish Business School Graduates is one of the lowest among unions. It pays itself off quickly when you use our services and enjoy our benefits.

What do you pay?

  • The Finnish Business School Graduates €189 
  • Local association €0–40 
  • Possible fee for the KOKO unemployment fund €66 
  • Possible magazine subscription as a membership benefit €40 

As a recent graduate, you will receive a 50% discount from the membership fee.  

The membership fee is fully tax deductible. 

What do you get?

Advice in labour law

From our lawyer, e.g. 1 hour – you save 240* euros

Career coaching

From our coach, e.g. 1 hour – you save 215* euros


Talouselämä annual subscription – you save 377 euros

Mortgage benefit

Danske Bank’s mortgage benefit: mortgage loan without fees – you always save at least 300 euroas

Life insurance benefit

If life insurance -60 %, benefit e.g. for a 35 year old 7.40 € per month – save 112 euros per year

*compared to market price

Jäsenyys-sivun kuvituskuva

Transformation of work is inevitable. We have the will, abilities and voice to change society and working life in a responsible way.

We are a community of more than 50,000 business professionals, boosting its members potential both in challenging situations and personal development.

More than 80 years of experience in serving our members gives us a solid basis to offer continuously developing services that others cannot do. With us, you can focus on pursuing a meaningful life – to release your true potential

KylteriPlus provides even more subscription benefits for only €25

The KylteriPlus subscription benefits are much more extensive – the magazine package is worth more than 600 euros a year.