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Team Boomi is the winner of Biz Potential Finland 2019

Team Boomi won the Biz Potential Finland 2019 business & economics competition for business school students, organized in Tampere.

Uutinen 12.12.2019

The Finnish Business School Graduates calls for better integration of foreign experts into Finnish working life

Trade unions have to bear their responsibility as key players in society by concretely promoting the employment of foreign experts. One of the employment barriers is insufficient knowledge on how the Finnish working life functions. The Finnish Business School Graduates will soon organize its first working life skills course in English.

Uutinen 13.11.2019

Are you the most brilliant business school students in Finland? Take part in the Biz Potential Finland 2019 competition!

The Finnish Business School Graduates, together with Danske Bank Finland, is looking for the most talented business school students in Finland. All student members of The Finnish Business School Graduates can join the Biz Potential Finland 2019 competition.

Artikkeli 14.10.2019

Starting to invest is easier than you believe – and it can also be your first step towards financial peace of mind

Financial peace of mind is above all a question of how we perceive our financial situation to be and how this affects us: can I do the things I want to do and live the kind of life I aspire to live? Can I afford to take study leave, to travel, or to spend more time with my family when I want to?

Uutinen 15.1.2019

10 Best Tips to Find a Job in Finland

It is estimated that at least 60-80 % jobs are hidden. The hidden job market is a term used to describe jobs that aren't advertised or posted online. We, The Finnish Business School Graduates, offer help and current tips to finding a job in Finland.

Artikkeli 18.12.2018

We are renewing our member service!

We have renewed Suomen Ekonomit’s member service. It has a new look and it’s now easier to log in.

Uutinen 2.7.2018

Intutition and Creativity vs Recovery and Effectivity - International Spring Event was a forum for lively discussions

"I was inspired by the Event last year so I wanted to come again." "I can speak Finnish now but it's lovely to be here and be able to speak English with everyone."

Uutinen 28.5.2018

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News (mainly in finnish)

In memoriam – Kunniajäsenemme Jarmo Leppiniemi (1948–2020) oli arvostettu opettaja ja sijoittamisen auktoriteetti

Professori, kauppatieteiden tohtori Jarmo Leppiniemi menehtyi 15.1.2020 sairauden uuvuttamana. Jarmo Leppiniemi oli arvostettu ekonomiyhteisön vaikuttaja, opettaja ja sijoittamisen auktoriteetti.

Uutinen 22.1.2020

YTN:llä ei ole voimassa painostustoimia

Viikonlopun aikana (11.-12.1.2020) Teollisuusliitto, Paperiliitto ja Ammattiliitto Pro antoivat useille aloille lakkovaroituksia. Osa lakoista on yrityskohtaisia. Tarkempia tietoja meneillään olevista painostustoimista on kyseisten liittojen nettisivuilla.

Uutinen 13.1.2020