KylteriPlus service package

In addition to your free student membership you can choose the KylteriPlus extra services package (25 eur / academic year) with which you can expand your service range at any stage of your studies.

You can buy your KylteriPlus service package at our member service. Service package is paid at once and at one time.

More information on KylteriPlus services and benefits

Personal career services

The Finnish Business School Graduates offer comprehensive and high-quality career counselling, ranging from recognising your own skills and competencies to finalizing your job application and CV. We also support you in job interviews and salary negotiations, and also in getting started with your master's thesis.

When you're thinking about your work and your future, please contact the career services of The Finnish Business School Graduates. Confidential discussions with our coach will help you find solutions to the direction of your career, job seeking and well-being at work. We offer you various tools to crystallize your own direction and to support these discussions. Career coaching is often done by telephone. You can map out your situation together with our career coach and make another appointment whenever needed, for a longer discussion either on the phone or face-to-face. 

You can contact our career coaches by email at or by making an appointment in the calendar application.

Kauppalehti and Kauppalehti Optio

With KylteriPlus service package you have the larger Kauppalehti benefit meaning Kauppalehti newspaper home-delivered and as a digital version, and Kauppalehti Optio magazine until the end of July. As soon as you have paid the service package, you'll receive instructions as to how to enjoy this newspaper benefit.

Invitation to Young Business School Graduates Road Show events

Our Young Business Graduates Road Show starts again, in late autumn, and continues until early spring 2018. Originally, the event was aimed at young graduates, 0 to 5 years from graduation but we decided to also invite student members with the KylteriPlus service package, regardless of the stage of their studies. The 2017–2018 road show talks about money, and the speakers include the career coaches of The Finnish Business School Graduates and an external expert.

The exact Young Business Graduates Road Show programme and other additional information will be released in early autumn. You can sign up in The Finnish Business School Graduates event calendar approximately one month before the event. You can join the event at any location. Stay tuned, the events will be filled in by the sign up order!

Liability and legal expenses insurance for your safety, with special conditions

Also our liability and legal expenses insurance will be extented to student members with the KylteriPlus package.

Disputes are primarily settled by negotiating and The Finnish Business School Graduates' lawyers are at your disposal in the negotiations. If you end up in dispute with your employer, contact our lawyers.

In case you don't reach a settlement by negoatiations and legal proceedings are the only option, you can use, on certain insurance conditions, the liability and legal expenses insurance of The Finnish Business School Graduates. The members of all associations of The Finnish Business School Graduates and the KylteriPlus members in the student associations are covered, when they are employed, civil servants or officials and the dispute concerns their own employment relationship / public service employment relationship.

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