Avant Advisors executive search and career advice company wants to positively disrupt the industry and ensure a sustainable and equitable process for all talented, competent candidates. We believe that a better world can be built with modern, responsible companies which grow and succeed through balanced, inclusive talent, teams and leadership. And most importantly, we want to bring out the awesome in everyone and accelerate your leadership career.

We are interested and experienced in many operating fields

We work across different industries and functional roles supporting small, medium and large companies to find the best talent for boards, leadership teams and director level positions.

We serve a wide range of functional roles

We are especially focused on CEO, country manager, CFO, CHRO and other C-level positions.

Do join our Talent Pool through the avantadvisors.fi website!

On the career advice side, we want to engage in active dialogue with leaders who are wondering what could be the best next career opportunity and how to get there. On our website, you will find a section ”Our Candidates” through which you can add your information to our Talent Community.

You can get in touch with us easily

Apart from the Avant Advisors website, you can find us on LinkedIn (Avant Advisors: Overview | LinkedIn) or call our consultants Päivi (+358 40 743 6176) or Nina (+358 40 587 1429).